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Postby Samwise » 22 Feb 2006 19:20

- First time, Anna?
- Yes.
- Nervous, eh?
- I can't help it.
- Don't worry. It will go smoothly.
- I'm afraid it will hurt...
- At first it will hurt - the cutting, that is - no question about it. But afterwards... afterwards it will take you to heaven. Better than a sniff of coke. Take my word for it.
- ... I want it so much at the same time. Help me?
- Yes. I'll let you go first. Take the knife.
- No... not like that. You do it.
- You sure?
- Anna...?
- Sorry... catching my breath. I'm sure! Do it!

Greg took Anna's arm and cut a sharp incision right above the wrist. Then he began sucking from the red.

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Re: They

Postby Venom » 22 Feb 2006 20:58

Apesar de ser pequeno, está bom. Apesar de o estilo já nao me ser estranho conseguiste-me surpreender :tu:
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