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POTC: The Black Dragon

Posted: 19 Dec 2006 21:57
by anavicenteferreira
Title: The Black Dragon – Chapter 1
Author: Ana Vicente Ferreira
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean
Work Type: adventure, romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan; Morgan Bonsaint (OFC), Marie Bonsaint (OFC), Ash (OMC), crewmen (OC)
Brief Summary: Everyone finally finds out the story behind Jack and Morgan’s falling out and why Jack was so anxious to get to Macao.

Morgan led Jack, Will and Elizabeth to her cabin, leaving orders to Ash that they should not be disturbed unless Davy Jones himself came knocking. Elizabeth grabbed her arm. “Don’t say that.”

Morgan stared at her, and then at Jack. He scrunched up his lips. “Long story. Let’s not go there, now.” He brought his hands together and pointed them at her. “Let’s talk about Macao.”

“So, the Dragon is in Macao.” Morgan sat down and propped her feet up on her desk.

Elizabeth sat primly on the chair next to the desk and stared at the sole of the thick boots Morgan had been wearing under the delicate yellow dress. “That’s not very ladylike.”

Morgan smiled. “Girl, a woman who knows who she is, and is what she is, can do anything she wants and wear anything she wants, because it’s basically always herself.” She put her feet down and leaned towards Elizabeth over the desk. “People who try to pass themselves as something they’re not are the ones that must forever be weary of what others think of them. Savvy?”

Elizabeth inhaled deeply and was about to say something, but Jack placed a hand over her mouth as he sat on the desk. “Macao. The Dragon. The Pearl.” He looked at Morgan. “Call your mate, give the orders. Let’s go.”

“Not yet. I want to know how you’re so sure suddenly of where the Dragon is.”

“I had reliable information. Very secret. A very well-positioned source. Very secure information. Nothing to fear. Let’s go.” He started walking towards the door, and then stopped. Morgan was still sitting behind her desk. He raised his eyebrows, pointed at the door with both hands and mouthed, “Go.”

“I’ll need more than that, Jack.”

Jack placed a hand on his chest. “You suspect me of lying. Your own true brother; blood of your blood, flesh of your flesh, huh … hair of your hair. And you don’t trust me?”

“You sold me to Boswell, Jack, and you expect me to trust you?”

Elizabeth stared at Jack. “You sold your sister? That’s… I mean, even for you… that’s…”

Jack raised first both hands and then both index fingers. “I arranged a good marriage for my beloved, helpless little sister.” He turned to Will who was leaning against a console, arms folded across his chest, looking vaguely amused. “If my dearest brother-in-law saw fit to give me…

He twirled and faced Morgan. “... How should I put it? A small – very small – pecuniary assistance to my exploratory endeavourc it was merely out of the kindness of his heart. Simon Boswell is a smart match: good, kind, insanely wealthy…”

“He was eighty-seven!”

“Was?” Jack placed an arm around his sister’s shoulders. “As in past tense? As in is no more, may he rest in peace, and all that?”

“He died some two hours after we were married.”

Will raised his head. “You killed him?”

Morgan shrugged off Jack’s embrace. “Did you not hear me? He was eighty-seven! And he met mother.”

Will smiled. “Oh.”

“What do you mean, he met mother?” Jack walked up to her. “Mother is dead. She died almost four months before you were married.”

“Yes. You can imagine his shock.” Morgan smiled. “Which reminds me… Mother. Oh, Mother! Your Jojo is here.”

Marie floated down from the ceiling. Jack staggered back. Elizabeth got up and grabbed Will’s arm. “She’s a ghost.”

Will looked up at Marie. “Yes, she is. Why are you so surprised?”

“She’s dead, and… Well, she’s dead.”

Will started counting by his fingers. “Cursed pirates, undead monkey, Davy Jones, half-fish crewmen, the kraken… Do I need to go on?”

Elizabeth shrugged, and sat down next to him. She stared at Marie, who was cooing around Jack as if he were a three year old and then looked again at Will. “Jojo?”

Jack heard her. “It’s a family name, a pet name. Morgan’s fault. Mother thought it was cute that she couldn’t say John.”

“It was adorable. And you were adorable.” She slapped him hard in the arm. Jack grabbed his aching limb and stared at her, a hurt look in his eyes. “And then you went and sold my boat. How could you sell my boat?”

“I needed some money, and I already had a boat…”

“To go looking for your father, and that stupid Dragon, and that stupid Pearl… “ Marie floated over to Morgan’s side. “That’s a cursed thing, that Pearl. It has driven the men of this family insane.

“You went looking for the Pearl?” Elizabeth said. “I thought Davy Jones had raised it out of the ocean’s floor for you.”

Morgan turned to Jack. “Davy Jones? You went to Davy Jones for the Pearl? Even you can’t be that stupid, Jack. “

“Not that Pearl.” He turned to Elizabeth. “Not that Pearl. It’s a long story.”

Morgan sat back down behind her desk. “We’ve got time.”



Ando a preparar um guião para um concurso que se aproxima, mas a escrita "a sério" não estava a correr bem, por isso decidi brincar um bocadinho, a ver se me desata o nó que tenho no miolinho criativo.

Re: POTC: The Black Dragon

Posted: 26 Dec 2007 17:04
by anavicenteferreira
Pois, este ficou pelo caminho, até já me tinha esquecido que isto estava aqui também. A questão é simples, comecei a trabalhar numa história para a 2YN do Forward Motion Writers e descobri que havia umas quantas personagens que tinha criado para esta fanfic que se encaixavam às mil maravilhas na outra historieta ( que neste momento está planeada como uma trilogia, portanto o diminutivo é capaz de não ser apropriado). De qualquer modo, as minhas humildes desculpas a quem estava a seguir o conto.