X-Files Fanfiction - Aftertime

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X-Files Fanfiction - Aftertime

Postby anavicenteferreira » 06 Apr 2005 14:22

TITLE: Aftertime(1/1)

AUTHOR: Ana Vicente Ferreira



SPOILERS: Nothing relevant.

DISCLAIMER: All the characters but Kaye are the property of Chris Carter and Fox

SUMMARY: The alien invasion has happened and Jeffrey Spender is leading the
resistance in Mulder and Scully's absence.

ARCHIVE: Just let me know where.

FINISHED: May 1999

Mulder's eyes were set on him as he entered the room. They always were because
there was a blown up photograph of Mulder and Scully on the wall facing the

It was one of the few photos they had of Mulder and Scully together, and it was
probably the only one where they were looking straight at the camera. In most
they were either looking at each other or into the distance.

This was the meeting room. Under the photograph were a table and three chairs.
The rest of the room was filled with rows of pews.

He walked down the central aisle. There was a woman sitting up front, her head
bowed. She was staring at something she held in her hands so intently she didn't
hear him approaching.

"Margaret," he called softly.

She kept toying with the gold chain and cross she was holding as if she hadn't
heard him.

"Margaret, I have a meeting."

Her head shot up. She hadn't been crying, but somehow the tears were there.

"Yes," he said.

She nodded and stood up. "I'll go." She looked at him one last time, pleading.

"I'll ask," he promised.

He always asked anyway. He had asked every chance he got for the past seventeen
months. And he would ask again tonight, even if he already knew what the answer
would be.

"Don't give up hope," Margaret whispered, placing a hand on his shoulder, "I've
seen them survive so much."

He remained with his back to the door until he heard it closing. He didn't want
her to see in his eyes that he had given up hope long ago.

He was locking the door when a shadow walked out from behind a drape. The way
she seemed to materialize into places had stopped startling him after the first
few times. "How long have you been hiding there?"

"I walked in right after you."

She pulled a pipe from one of her trench coat pockets and, sitting on the
nearest pew, begun to fill it. He watched her and waited, it was almost like a
ritual, she never spoke until she had lit her pipe. He had learnt to accept it
as one of her idiosyncrasies, not much different from her wearing black all the
time. In the beginning it had been just one of the many things about her that
made him nervous.

She blew a puff of smoke into the air, and signaled him to sit down. "There'll
be a prisoner transference tomorrow. Twenty people."

She produced a map. "They'll leave the confinement unit, here, at 7:00 AM.
They're taking them by train to be processed."

"Tomorrow? Damn it, Kaye, we won't have time to prepare on such short notice."

"You wanted a two weeks notice? You think you're still at the Bureau, Jeff?"

He stood up. Hanging from a hook on the wall was a metal spike. There was at
least one in every room of the complex. He felt for the gimlet in his pocket,
the woman, Kaye, had given it to him on their first meeting.

The spike on the wall was a cruder version of the gimlet. They had tried to
duplicate the system that made the gimlet operate, and had found out that the
only way to make it function in terms of human technology was to carry around a
hydraulic pump with a tube down your sleeve leading from the pump to the device.
Unsophisticated as it was, the spike was much more functional.

"Which of the processing plants?" he asked.

"The one near Kensington." She marked a spot on the map. "They will have to slow
down here. You'll be able to get on board. Here's the key card, the entry and
exit codes are on the back. The prisoners will be on the boxcar marked 17776."

"I just wish we'd have more time."

"And I wish you weren't such a reluctant sonuvabitch!" she said, "At least ...
Oh, never mind."

Jeffrey looked coldly at her. "At least Mulder never hesitated, was that what
you were going to say?

"You know, if Mulder had been half the reluctant sonuvabitch I am, maybe he and
Scully would still be here, and then they could take the aggravation!"

He ran his fingers through his hair in a weary movement. "I'll call a meeting
after you leave, we should be able to have something figured out before

"Aren't you going to ask me?" she said softly.

"Ask you what?"

"About them. I heard you telling Scully's mother you would, and you always do."

He shrugged. "I know the answer, you don't know anything, no one's seen them.
So, what's the use?"

"You think they're dead, don't you?"

He looked at her and managed a smile. "Mulder was a pain-in-the-ass, Scully
could be an annoying little miss-know-it-all, but I have to admit they were
good. Seventeen months without news, they have to be dead."

"Why keep asking then?"

He inhaled deeply, the scent of the pipe tobacco was like incense in the air.
"It makes it easier when I have to face the others.

"Look at this place, it might as well be a church. If they realize I don't
expect Mulder and Scully to return ... They're dispirited enough as it is."

Kaye rubbed the back of his head softly. "For what it is worth, I don't think
they are dead."

"So, you've heard something!"

She sunk her hands into the trench coat pockets. "No. But don't you think they
have figured it out too. Don't you think they know what producing Mulder and
Scully's dead bodies would do to the spirit of most of the resistance members
here in the US?

"I think they have them, I think they need them for something, something that is
more important than crushing the resistance."

"I've been reading Mulder's journals." He smiled again. "Not the bits about
Scully. He seemed to think that you might be -- "

"Samantha?" She laughed. "He asked me several times, but I guessed I wasn't
giving him the answer he wanted."

She turned to leave. "Tell them I'll keep trying to find out where they are."

Jeffrey picked up the map and the key card she had left on the pew. "Thank you."

"Do you want me to tell your father anything?"

"Yeah, tell him I go to bed every night thinking of him and praying lung

He waited for her to leave, his eyes fixed on Mulder. Then he turned on the
switch that lit several red lights spread throughout the complex.


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Re: X-Files Fanfiction - Aftertime

Postby Thanatos » 06 Apr 2005 15:31

Escusado será dizer que está muito bom também. Tal como o Samwise referiu anteriormente é surpreendente comonos entranhamos de imediato nas personagens. It's a gift you have Ana and we're the lucky ones to be sharing it. Thank you! ;)
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Re: X-Files Fanfiction - Aftertime

Postby Samwise » 07 Apr 2005 18:45

The truth is out there.

Para além do que já disse no conto que precede este (e as palavras que disse para o outro aplicam-se aqui), fiquei com uma sensação parecida com a aquela que nos invade quando acaba um episódio e deixa as coisas em aberto.

Os diálogos têm uma aura de mistério bastante fiel à série!

Very cool! :ttu:

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