X-Files Fanfiction - Lost

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X-Files Fanfiction - Lost

Postby anavicenteferreira » 06 Apr 2005 15:30


AUTHOR: Ana Vicente Ferreira



KEYWORDS: Post-XF (Alternate Universe)

SPOILERS: Nothing Relevant.

DISCLAIMER: All the characters, except Kaye, belong to Twentieth Century Fox and
Ten Thirteen Productions.

SUMMARY: The alien invasion has occurred. Mulder, Scully and other resistance
members launch a mission to rescue some of their friends from one of the alien
processing plants.

TIME LINE: 17 months before the events in AFTERTIME, a couple of years after the
last episode of season 7.

FINISHED: June 1999

NOTE: This story and AFTERTIME are independent stories but reading one might
help you understand the other.

NOTE II: Both LOST and AFTERTIME were written before I saw the episodes TWO
FATHERS and ONE SON, that's why Jeffrey Spender appears in them very much alive,
years after he was presumably killed. I suppose this story now falls under
Alternative Universe, but of course the Spender men have been known to dodge
bullets with uncanny ease, so you never know, do you?

TO ALL NOROMOS: Don't let the beginning fool you, this story isn't all that

FEEDBACK: To [url=mailto:Thorn17@mailcity.com]Thorn17@mailcity.com[/url] or to [url=mailto:alienmoon76@hotmail.com]alienmoon76@hotmail.com[/url]


She missed his skin. They never slept naked anymore, it was too dangerous.

She rose her head, brushing her face softly against his arm. He moved and
mumbled something, holding her tighter, but didn't wake up.

She rested her back against his chest, trying to remember how many times since
the invasion they had had to leave hastily in the middle of the night, not sure
if they would find shelter some place else.

She couldn't. The days of the past few months seemed to merge into each other,
into a continuum of fear and flight.

Looking up, at one of the small windows near the ceiling, she could see it was
still dark outside. Yet, the tingling sensation traveling up her body told her
the sun would be rising soon.

She turned around to look at Mulder. They would have to get up soon, there was
a long day ahead. She started kissing him lightly. He smiled and pulled her
around until she rested on top of him.

She nibbled at his ear. "Time to wake up."

He opened his eyes and watched her face for a moment in the growing light before
pulling her into a deeper kiss. "You know, Scully, I believe this goes against
Bureau regulations."

She laughed, and the echoes of her laughter bounced off the walls of the
basement room that had not that long ago been their office.


Six hours later, she was standing by the window of one of the conference rooms.
A hand fell on her shoulder.

"Better come away from there, Dana," Byers said, "someone might see you. This
place is supposed to be empty."

The J.Edgar Hoover Building had been deserted since the invaders had terminated
the FBI along with all other government agencies. She and the others had moved
in some two weeks before, after their last hideout had been discovered and
stormed. This was probably the last place they would come looking for them.

She still marveled at the fact that no one had been killed in the raid. The
ones that had been captured had probably not been processed yet. At least, that
was what they were counting on.

For a few of the ones that had escaped, though, it had been a close call. Her
eyes found Frohike sitting in his wheelchair across the room and there was a
tightening in her throat.

What frustrated her was not the fact that he was paralyzed, but knowing that if
she had had more than the scanty medical supplies Krycek had managed to wangle,
Frohike wouldn't be like that today.

Her brother's voice boomed across the room. "What are we waiting for, anyway?"

"Darkness," Mulder replied calmly, "and Kaye."

She looked at the two men facing each other and sighed. After the invasion, when
the people in the Washington area who weren't working with the aliens and hadn't
yet been captured for processing started gathering, they had turned to Mulder
and her for leadership. Bill hadn't questioned their decision, he knew the two
former agents probably knew more about the invaders than anyone else, but his
feelings towards Mulder hadn't changed and somehow this was all still his fault.

Bill scratched the dressing over his left eye, another consequence of the raid
two weeks before. "Why do you trust this woman? She's still working with them."

"That's exactly why she has access to information we need," Mulder said, "The
truth is, she knows where the prisoners are, we don't."

"All of them?" Skinner's voice asked from the shadows.

Scully watched him walking towards Mulder, he looked so old. His eyes were
painfully fixed on Mulder's as he waited for an answer; his wife, Sharon, had
been one of the people captured on the raid.

Mulder shook his head, looking away. "I'm not sure. She said she'd find out."

Krycek rose softly from the couch he had been sitting on, there were long claw
marks across the fabric. "If she said she would, she will. Kaye has the nasty
habit of sticking to her word, and she knows her way around."

Bill sneered. "Forgive me if I don't hold you as the most reliable of character

"Guys!" Jeffrey Spender banged his fist on the table. "This isn't the way. We're
all edgy, but if we start turning on each other, we may as well march into one
of those processing plants and spare them the trouble of coming for us."

He sat back in his chair and watched as his words sunk in. He seemed to be
bracing himself for an unpleasant retort and she knew why. Most people there
hadn't been able to forget who his father was.

"Jeff's right," Mulder said. He was one of the few that had come to trust Jeff
fully. He had never told her why, but she was pretty sure she knew his reasons.

"Is everything ready?" she asked quietly. Several people nodded. "Then we should
all get some rest."

"We'll reconvene at sunset," Mulder said.

People were starting to leave. Scully stopped her brother. "Come with me, I want
to take a look at your eye." There were other doctors around, but she wouldn't
have any one else take care of Bill.

"My eye's fine, you don't have to -- "

"Hey. Who's the doctor here?"

He smiled, giving her that 'my-little-sister-is-so-cute' look she used to hate,
and followed her meekly.

In the small infirmary, she removed the gauze that covered his eye. He would
never regain the use of it, but at least the wound was healing well. She
examined it carefully and, finding no sign of infection, redressed it.

He walked her to the stairs that led to the basement, kissing her on the
forehead before he left. "See you later, sis."

She found Mulder walking back and forth in what was now their bedroom. There was
no bed, of course, only a mattress on the familiar floor.

He stared at her, then pointed at the clock on top of a credenza. "She's late."

"Maybe she had trouble getting out. There's time."

"She's going to get caught one of these days and then ... " He shook his head.

She rubbed the small of his neck. "If that happens -- *if* -- we'll manage. We
always did before, when it was just you and me. And a few others. There's a lot
more of us now."

"We weren't under martial law before, we weren't being hunted before, we had a
lot more resources before."

"We're going to win this one, Mulder," she said firmly, "We don't have a

"True, you don't."

They looked behind, startled. Kaye was standing in the doorway, the beams of
white powdery light streaming down from the windows giving her dark hair and her
dark clothes an eerie gleam.

She smiled, looking around. "I admire your sense of humor," she said, pulling a
pipe out of her jacket pocket. Scully gave her a stern look and she returned the
pipe. "Fine."

"What have you found out?" Mulder asked. "Are they still alive?"

"They were transferred to the nearest processing plant two days ago, the one
they set up in the old warehouses, by the river." She handed Scully a box. "I
brought you some more vaccine, you may need it."

"Forty eight hours." Scully examined the contents of the box. It would be more
than enough. "We're still in time."

"But we'll have to get them out of the pods," Mulder said, "the operation will
take longer than we expected."

"They may not be in the pods yet," Kaye said, "they've been using the
mind-controlling qualities of the virus to form an army of slaves, sometimes
it's a while before incubation is initiated."

Scully placed the box carefully on a desk, Mulder's old desk. "But this will
work anyway, right?"

"Yes. You'll just have a harder time injecting it. The slaves won't exactly be
cooperative. Remember that.

"I brought a larger quantity of the vaccine than you'll need for your friends, I
thought you'd want to get some of the others out too."

Scully nodded. "And we still have some left from last time."

Kaye handed Mulder a piece of paper and a card. "The codes will be changed again
after midnight, you have to be out of there by then, or the doors won't open.

"The pods have a date inscribed, it marks either the infection with the
aggressive form of the virus or the activation of the latent one in the case of
former slaves. You'll have to inject each pod. They made some changes to the
procedure after your intervention in Antarctica. Remember, ninety six hours."

"We know," Scully said, "after that the vaccine won't destroy the virus."

"The vaccine is effective up to a hundred and twenty hours, but after ninety six
there won't be much of the host left to save."

"What about the slaves?" Mulder asked.

"With the latent form of the virus, infection date is not relevant."

Mulder picked up the box of vaccine. "I'll take this upstairs, we'll start
dividing it."

Kaye turned around to leave. Scully followed her. "Wait, I never got to thank
you -- "

"Forget it," Kaye said, defiantly lighting her pipe. "I wanted you to take care
of Maya for me and I brought the others along too. Some of them are probably
yours anyway."

"Do you want to see her? She heard you were coming today, she's been asking for
you every five minutes."

Kaye looked away. "Better not. It would only complicate things."

Scully eyed her in disbelief. "She misses you."

Kaye didn't reply, simply walked away and disappeared around the next corner.
Scully looked up, Mulder was standing half-way up the stairs, staring at her.

She walked up to him. "Whatever they did to her ... "

"I know." He looked at the place where the dark shape had last been visible.
"Sometimes I wonder ... "

The huskiness of his voice gave away his pain. She held his hand and pulled him
gently. "Come. Lets give those people something to do."


The sun had already set, but there was still a bloody glow just above the
horizon. To Scully, it looked like the Plimsoll mark on a gigantic black ship.
As they drove towards the river, she watched as the red line sunk further and
further until it disappeared completely.

Darkness was complete by the time they reached the warehouse area. The new moon
night was a few days gone, but the crescent above them was so thin that it could
barely make a lighter patch of sky around itself.

There were no guards by the processing plant, the invaders were confident of
their superiority. Mulder slid the Key card through the lock and input the code.
heaving a hydraulic sigh, the door opened.

Mulder looked at the others and whispered, "Midnight."

There was a dull green light inside, barely enough to make things visible. It
was like looking through mal-functioning night-vision goggles.

They started going through the pods, injecting the ones they could. Krycek
called softly for them. He had found seven of the thirteen people they had come
for. Skinner rubbed the frost on the surface of each pod, looking inside,
searching for Sharon. Scully followed him, injecting the vaccine into all of
them. The others started carrying the people they'd rescued outside.

Immersed in their work, none of them noticed that the light in the room had
changed, become brighter. When the last of the group of seven had been injected
and Mulder was lowering her from the pod, Scully turned around and found the
missing six standing there, staring at them. Even in the dim light, she could
make out the dark blots sailing across their eyes.

They attacked as one. Mulder and some of the others, struggled to control them
while she inject them. A dark oily substance poured out of their mouths forming
throbbing pools on the floor, the movement of the fluid ceasing when its color
changed to a greenish amber.

Scully stood up, looking for Sharon. The other woman showed up to her left and
lunged towards her, wielding a hook-shaped weapon Scully had never seen before.
But Skinner was quicker; he tackled his wife and punched her unconscious.

Scully kneeled beside her, injecting the vaccine in her arm. Then, she smiled
encouragingly at him. "She'll be thankful for the bruise."

Skinner picked up his wife and carried out of the plant. Mulder was looking
around for any other slaves. She grabbed his arm. "That's all we have time for,
Mulder, let's go."

They ran to the door. All the others were already outside, and Jeff was holding
the door open for them. Suddenly, an elongated shape dropped from the catwalk
above the door, blocking their way. Mulder stood between her and the alien, as
the creature's claws extended.

She saw Jeff moving cautiously behind the alien; she saw his hand emerging from
a pocket with one of the makeshift gimlets they had managed to fashion. In a
swift movement, he drove the metal spike into the back of the creature's neck.

But these aliens were different from the hybrids, it took them longer to die
and they were stronger. With a terrifying shriek, the creature struck Jeff,
hurling him out the door.

Mulder was ready when the alien turned back to them. He had a gimlet -- a real
one -- and stabbed at the back of the alien's head, hitting the same spot Jeff
had already pierced. Promptly, he moved away, avoiding the drops of black blood.

The creature pivoted, screaming as it crashed into the circuit box next to the
door. Sparks started flying, a putrid stench filled the air as the electricity
seared the alien's body.

Before they, or anyone outside could do anything, the door slid shut. Mulder
ran to the door, Scully pulled him back just as the lock bursted into flames.

Mulder grabbed her hand and they turned around. "I saw another door back there,"
he said.

They ran. The others had orders to leave immediately should anyone be captured.
They had to hurry, if they were to catch up with them. Mulder led her among the
rows of pods, both of them skidding on the fluid oozing from the broken ones.

Relief took over her when she saw that the door in the back had a conventional
lock, she still remembered how to pick one. But, before they could reach it, the
door opened. Behind it, all was darkness.

Then a cigarette was lit, its tip glowing like a red eye as the man holding it
stepped into the light and smiled.


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Re: X-Files Fanfiction - Lost

Postby Thanatos » 07 Apr 2005 08:35

Damn! Li este depois do "Aftertime". E cada vez mais penso que tens acções da Tabaqueira! ;)
Não importa como, não importa quando, não importa onde, a culpa será sempre do T!

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Re: X-Files Fanfiction - Lost

Postby anavicenteferreira » 07 Apr 2005 09:12

Não faz mal. Ela também foi escrita depois do Aftertime.

E não, não tenho acções da Tabaqueira, até sou bastante anti-tabagista. Mas pelo menos a maior parte dos tabacos de cachimbo n cheiram tão mal como cigarros, cigarrilhas e charutos. E tem menos substâncias tóxicas também.

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Re: X-Files Fanfiction - Lost

Postby Samwise » 07 Apr 2005 12:06

Li este primeiro... ainda não li o outro.

Gostei de ler este texto embora não conheça alguns dos personagens que fazem parte dele.
Fui um grande fã da primeira série dos X-Files... na segunda já se notavam alguns sinais do que mais tarde viria a ser um declínio eminente de qualidade.
Não acompanhei a terceira nem nenhuma das restantes séries...
Consigo mais ou menos deduzir o que se está a passar.
Nem sequer fazia ideia da invasão... ( :blush: ).

A parte mais interessante que encontrei neste foram os diálogos. Estão bem escritos e parecem-me sinceros e coerentes (ao imaginá-los na realidade).
Também está interessante (embora minimamente explorada) a parte da acção propriamente dita. Do que eu me lembro dos episódios de TV, o duo raramente entrava em cenas do género....

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Re: X-Files Fanfiction - Lost

Postby Thanatos » 07 Apr 2005 12:28

Samwise wrote: Nem sequer fazia ideia da invasão... ( :blush: ).

Não me digas que não viste nem o filme: X-Files: Fight the Future? :huh:
Não importa como, não importa quando, não importa onde, a culpa será sempre do T!

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Re: X-Files Fanfiction - Lost

Postby Samwise » 07 Apr 2005 12:35


Guido: "A felicidade consiste em conseguir dizer a verdade sem magoar ninguém." -

Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem?

My taste is only personal, but it's all I have. - Roger Ebert

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Re: X-Files Fanfiction - Lost

Postby anavicenteferreira » 07 Apr 2005 23:35


Tem piada que eu só na segunda série é que passei oficialmente a fã. Só me comecei a irritar lá para a 6ª ou 7ª série. Deixaram de fazer de fazer tantos episódios stand-alone e passaram a concentrar-se muito mais na teoria da conspiração e num fio condutor tipo Mulder é o novo Messias que era francamente previsível e irritante.

Acho que nem vi a oitava e a nona séries todas. Entre as horas a que a TVI a transmitia e a chatice que andava a ficar ...

Mas se só viste a primeira e parte da segunda série perdeste episódios verdadeiramente memoráveis, sobretudo os escritos pelo Darin Morgan

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